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You’re playing a game of pool. You line up your cue stick behind the cue ball. You practice your stroke…one…two…three… On the fourth stroke, you follow through and the cue stick makes contact. If we...
A computer simulation of 3 black holes in close proximity, created as part of black hold reseach at Northwestern University
Last week, my mother called from the other side of the Pacific Ocean. After chatting about the weather in Chicago and what I had for dinner recently, she turned to my work. “Can you tell me again...
Lithium ion batteries are used in everything from cell phones to laptops (chances are you’re reading this article on a lithium-ion powered device!). They are the stand-out energy storage technology...
The key to youth and beauty may be found in one of the world’s ugliest critters, the naked mole rat. These pink, hairless, and quite unnerving-looking rodents can live nearly 30 years. By comparison...


Oct 9, 2017
When then Senator Barack Obama visited Google in 2008, one of the questions he was asked was “what... Read More
Oct 7, 2017
You’ve known each other forever. In the restaurant, the appetizer takes an eternity to come. You... Read More
Aug 2, 2017
Established pillars were under attack across the Western world. It was the late 1700s, and the... Read More


By: Austin Lim
Nov 5, 2017
In 1967, a surgeon in South Africa successfully carried out the first human heart transplant. Doctor... Read More
By: Han Teng Wong
Sep 23, 2017
As a molecular biology graduate student, I am often asked what I actually do at work. Badly explained, my... Read More
By: Alex Berr
Sep 16, 2017
What do cows, landfills, and petroleum extraction all have in common? Each produces methane, one of the... Read More
By: Jennifer DiStefano
Sep 9, 2017
They are concealed at the tip of your pencil. They linger in the lubricant in your car. They have been hiding... Read More