By: Claire Loe
May 29, 2015
Have you ever tried to put ketchup on your fries, only to have it get stuck to the bottle and take ages to come out? One new invention might make those moments a thing of the past. A new company,... Read more
By: Nisan Hubbard
May 27, 2015
Something for the sport’s fan in all of us! Recently, I was scouring ESPN (When I really should have doing lab work) and I stumbled upon “The Great Analytics Rankings.”  In the article, they listed... Read more
By: Maria Cabezas
May 13, 2015
As a graduate student, I spend most of my time working tirelessly in the chemistry lab trying to advance the science of drug screening and discovery. What began as a question driven by scientific... Read more
By: Lisa Qu
May 6, 2015
For many of us, cooking at home has always taken an experimental twist. Whether you’re trying to recreate a dish your parents used to make, or whether you're testing out a recipe you saw on Pinterest... Read more
By: Elaine Shen
April 27, 2015
Last Friday, I had the pleasure of attending a sold-out event at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall to see my childhood hero Bill Nye speak about climate-change, space and science education. What resonated... Read more
By: Lisa Qu
April 21, 2015
You may notice that dogs are constantly sniffing – the ground, your food, another dog’s butt. We’ve grown accustomed to these kinds of behaviors from our furry friends. But, as humans, we would never... Read more
By: Carolyn Wilke
April 10, 2015
When I was visiting family this past week, my mother-in-law shared with us how she uses her Fitbit to keep track of how much she exercises, how well she sleeps, what she has been eating, and other... Read more
By: Claire Loe
April 9, 2015
When thinking of renewable energy sources, people generally think of solar, wind and water. But, there's a new energy source that is emerging on the market: the moon. As you probably know, the Earth'... Read more
By: Suchie Bhattacharyya
April 8, 2015
Every winter in Chicago, I wish I were a Canada Goose. Not because of their overall majesty and awesomeness. It is because, quite frankly, who wouldn’t want to pack up and get out of town when the... Read more
By: Anne d'Aquino
April 3, 2015
Spring has begun to emerge beneath Chicago’s perpetual blanket of winter snow. With grass turning green, trees sprouting leaves and flowers burgeoning over the next few months, it is hard to think of... Read more