By: Hannah Gavin
July 29, 2015
"If I was a flower growing wild and free, all I’d want is you to be my sweet honey bee." - Barry Louis Polisar Question: What do mustard, pickles, and hot peppers have in common? Answer: In addition... Read more
By: Carolyn Wilke
July 1, 2015
For my nephew’s birthday, I got him a kit of experiments based on the science of glowing. He loved it and I think his mother was probably happy I opted for this one over the “gross science” kit (... Read more
By: Carolyn Wilke
June 25, 2015
Like many Americans, I’ve lived under the assumption that the chemicals used in all sorts of everyday products are thoroughly tested and known to be safe. However, every so often, we’re reminded that... Read more
By: Lisa Qu
June 23, 2015
Working with complex information is part of the scientific process and can lead to valuable findings and new directions of research. But data can be intimidating to someone without scientific... Read more
By: Andrea d'Aquino
June 9, 2015
You just got home after a long day of work and you slip off your shoes, contemplating the options for dinner. But before you can even make it to the kitchen, a sudden odor sweeps over the room—... Read more
By: Hannah Gavin
June 8, 2015
It is always interesting when the bright beam of modern research turns to highlight age-old wisdom. Since my childhood, I have been familiar with the adage that says, “You are what you eat,” but it... Read more
By: Anne d'Aquino
June 4, 2015
A young boy, no older than 6, stood outside of the grocery store. His eyes never left the tasty treat nestled between his sticky fingers. Melted chocolate ice cream covered at least half of his face... Read more
By: Claire Loe
June 2, 2015
One hurdle that general acceptance of renewable has had to overcome is the problem of aesthetics. Disgruntled citizens complain of wind turbines disrupting their skylines and bulky solar displays... Read more
By: Claire Loe
May 29, 2015
Have you ever tried to put ketchup on your fries, only to have it get stuck to the bottle and take ages to come out? One new invention might make those moments a thing of the past. A new company,... Read more
By: Nisan Hubbard
May 27, 2015
Something for the sport’s fan in all of us! Recently, I was scouring ESPN (When I really should have doing lab work) and I stumbled upon “The Great Analytics Rankings.”  In the article, they listed... Read more