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Kelly Ksiazek-Mikenas

Graduate Student

Kelly Ksiazek-Mikenas is a 6th year PhD candidate in Plant Biology and Conservation at Northwestern University and the Chicago Botanic Garden. Her research interests include urban ecology, plant-pollinator interactions, population genetics and green infrastructure. Kelly's current work explores the potential of using urban green roofs for native plant conservation. As a previous high school science teacher, Kelly also enjoys writing about ecology for non-scientists and has recently coauthored a children's book about the environmental benefits of green roofs.

Content by Kelly Ksiazek-Mikenas


In Jack and the Beanstalk, seeds tossed out a window spring up overnight, reaching a secret land high above the Earth.  In r


I was enjoying a picnic at a relative’s house this past weekend, and the topic of changes in the neighborhood came up.  They included newly resurfaced roads, trees that had been lost in a wind stor