Don Norman

Don Norman spends half his time as co-director of Northwestern University’s MMM program, the dual degree MBA + Engineering program that emphasizes design and operations, half with the Nielsen Norman group, half writing, and the remaining half serving on advisory boards, such as the editorial advisory board of Encyclopedia Britannica and the Industrial Design Department of Korea’s Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), where he is Distinguished Visiting Professor. He is a fellow of many organizations and former lots of things, including VP at Apple Computer and even President of a startup. He has honorary degrees from the University of Padova (Italy) and the Technical University Delft (the Netherlands). He was awarded the Benjamin Franklin medal in Computer and Cognitive Science. He is well known for his books “The Design of Everyday Things,” “Emotional Design,” and “The Design of Future Things.” He is now working on a book tentatively called “Sociable Design.”  He lives at

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“Design” means many different things. Some think of interior design, or fashion— creating things that are pleasing to the eye. Engineers think of design more pragmatically—designing new circuits, materials, or chemicals. At the Segal Design Institute, we combine these two approaches to focus on the design of systems, goods and services that involve people and technology, and how technological concerns interact with societal and individual ones.