Lori Andrews

Lori Andrews received a BA summa cum laude from Yale College and a JD from Yale Law School. She was a visiting professor at Princeton University in spring 2002 and has been an adviser on biomedical law to the United States Congress, various federal agencies, and foreign governments. She chaired the federal government’s Working Group on the Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of the Human Genome Project.

She has served as a consultant to the science ministers of twelve countries about embryo stem cells, gene patents, and DNA banking. She recently testified before the U.S. Senate on gene patenting. She is advising the Chicago Historical Society on the ethics of testing the DNA of Abraham Lincoln and has advised artists interested in using genetic engineering to invent new living species.

Andrews has written more than a dozen books and over 100 scholarly articles, monographs, and book chapters on informed consent, medical genetics, health policy, and other subjects.