Medical Humanities & Bioethics Program

The Medical Humanities & Bioethics Program fosters reflection and discussion on values issues within medicine. MH&B has a 25-year history of teaching bioethics within the medical school curriculum, and has since expanded to include the medical humanities and the values-oriented social sciences. The program now offers a graduate degree in this interdisciplinary field- the Master of Arts in Medical Humanities & Bioethics.

In addition to pedagogy, MH&B presents lectures and events, which are open to the public. These include the Bresnahan Colloquium, a round-table discussion with an author of a notable work or study, and the weekly Special Topics in MH&B Lecture Series, at which MH&B faculty members present on a wide variety of topics. Also, MH&B publishes Atrium, a publication of thematically linked essays on bioethics and the medical humanities. The program accepts Atrium submissions from those outside Northwestern, and makes each issue available in full on their website.



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