Northwestern Institute for Sustainable Practices


Specifically, NiSP aims to

  • Create a collaborative environment to develop, learn, and teach innovative strategies for sustainability in human and ecological systems.
  • Combine science, engineering, economics, law, political science, psychology, and sociology to deepen the capacity for policy analysis and formulation.
  • Develop technologies to ensure that industries, universities, and cities implement sustainable practices with an awareness of tradeoffs and uncertainties in order to keep the economy robust and meet society’s demands.
  • Research the technical, economic, legal and social issues underlying sustainable transportation systems.



NiSP works closely with the Initiative for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern,  the Center for Global Citizenship, Center for Innovation in Global Health Technology, the Center for Research in Technology and Innovation,  the Infrastructure Technology Institute, the Kellogg-McCormick MMM program, the NICO Institute for Complexity, the School of Continuing Studies, the SEEK program, and the Transportation Center.