Robin Alta Charo

Robin Alta Charo is a professor of law and medical ethics at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where she is on the faculty of the Law School and the Medical School's Program in Medical Ethics.

Professor Charo holds a B.A. in biology from Harvard-Radcliffe and a J.D. from Columbia University. She has written or collaborated on nearly 100 articles, book chapters and government reports on topics including voting rights, environmental law, family planning and abortion law, medical genetics law, reproductive technology policy, and science policy and ethics.

Charo is a member of the board of the Alan Guttmacher Institute and the Foundation for Genetic Medicine, and has been a member of the board of the Society for the Advancement of Women's Health Research and the American Association of Bioethics. She was also a member of the steering committee to found the International Association for Bioethics, and has served as a consultant to the National Academy of Science's Institute of Medicine and the NIH Office of Protection from Research Risks. In 1994 she served on the NIH Human Embryo Research Panel, and from 1996-2001 she was a member of the presidential National Bioethics Advisory Commission. In 2005, she was elected as a fellow of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters and in 2006 she was elected to membership in the National Academies' Institute of Medicine.