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There is a deadly contagion decimating the population of an island off the coast of Australia. Upon infection, it multiplies rapidly, producing gruesome lesions that cause certain death within months...
Standing in Stanley Field Hall at the Field Museum, volunteer Sarah Tulga holds out a bone to two girls with their mother. Sarah is giving her usual spiel about T. rex and their tiny arms. The bone...
I sit in the pitch-black room, twisting the knobs on the control pad of the electron microscope. I’m using this device to hunt for cells. Looking through the eyepiece, I work to bring the shadowy...
Have you ever wondered how people build such crazy structures with LEGOs? Rube Golderberg machines, the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal—these are just a few of the things that individuals have created....
When I was a kid, I discovered that wetting my hair made for easier combing. Most mornings, I was afraid that my parents would see my loose hairs sticking out all over the place and start nagging. (...


Apr 29, 2017
The discovery of fire was a turning point in human history for many reasons. Fire offered portable... Read More
Apr 15, 2017
What’s the difference between an Uber driver and a licensed driver of London’s venerable black taxi... Read More
The mission? Find and destroy a threatening blood clot.
Mar 13, 2017
In the 1960's film The Fantastic Voyage (or its homage episode in the PBS KIDS classic The Magic... Read More


By: Namratha Sastry
Apr 29, 2017
The cut and paste keyboard commands (Ctrl/⌘ X and Ctrl/⌘ V) may seem like commonplace instructions to most... Read More
By: Daikang Yan
Apr 23, 2017
Almost everyone loves fireworks. When admiring the brilliant colors exploding in the sky, have you ever... Read More
By: Alane Lim
Apr 8, 2017
When an oven bakes you can feel the heat, and on a stovetop you can see the flames emanating from the surface... Read More
By: Alice Pham
Mar 31, 2017
Shedd Aquarium was my first job. As part of the "Teen Work Study" program, I learned about different types of... Read More