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On stage at the Steppenwolf’s Garage Theatre in 2016, actor and director Michael Patrick Thornton stood ready to play the part of Richard III, the crowned King of England often referred to as the “...
In the time it takes to read this paragraph, another American will be diagnosed with one of the nation’s most burdensome diseases. Every 15 to 20 seconds — or 5,200 times a day — an adult joins 30...
It’s virtually impossible to read this blog without the aid of plastics. Our phones, our computers, our printers, all use the material made popular by a 20th century revolution in manufacturing. And...
Ice often evokes images of cold drinks on a summer’s day, icicles dripping off a roof in winter, or frost spreading on a windowpane. Its appearance and texture, most will agree, are familiar: the...
Image of sperm and egg
Do you remember sex education and how awkward it was? Almost everyone had some form of sex education at school. Usually, it focused on certain parts of the female and male anatomy that middle...


Mar 28, 2018
Science is about more than just running experiments. We researchers know this, but we can often... Read More
Jan 14, 2018
You’re playing a game of pool. You line up your cue stick behind the cue ball. You practice your... Read More
A computer simulation of 3 black holes in close proximity, created as part of black hold reseach at Northwestern University
By: Shi Ye
Dec 18, 2017
Last week, my mother called from the other side of the Pacific Ocean. After chatting about the... Read More


By: Bobby Bobbitt
Nov 5, 2018
Max Shepherd is a PhD candidate in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the McCormick School of... Read More
By: Suzy Lee
Jun 1, 2018
You are in a self-driving car. It is careening down a narrow alleyway, sandwiched between a brick wall and a... Read More
By: Austin Lim
Apr 23, 2018
Contemporary painter and photographer Chuck Close has displayed artwork at famed galleries around the world... Read More
By: Danielle Fanslow
Nov 12, 2017
The key to youth and beauty may be found in one of the world’s ugliest critters, the naked mole rat. These... Read More