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The way we acquire information has changed drastically since I was young student. At the risk of dating myself, I remember needing to go to the library to take out books to write school reports....
John J. Millichap, MD FAAP, is a pediatric epileptologist in the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and...
Recently, people have been asking me for advice about careers after college. Often, they want to me to describe graduate school in the biological sciences. Each and every time I have this...
Imagine hanging a pendulum on the inside of your car and accelerating forward. Which direction do you think the pendulum will move? Based on our common life experiences, we would expect the pendulum...


Feb 26, 2015
While the focus surrounding the current measles outbreak is on children, adults may need a measles... Read More
Nov 20, 2014
BENCH (noun): A long, sturdy work table used by a carpenter, mechanic, scientist, or other worker.... Read More
Nov 13, 2014
Philae landed gracefully on a comet. The intrepid robotic explorer launched from the European Space... Read More


By: Carolyn Wilke
Mar 10, 2015
Viruses are capable of creating havoc. Sometimes when I think about viruses, I get a picture of a massive... Read More
By: Claire Loe
Mar 9, 2015
Aluminum, copper, silver, gold, platinum. Lanthanum, Europium, Neodymium, Gadolinium. This might sound like... Read More
By: Nick Griffiths
Mar 3, 2015
About 20 years ago, Miller and Coen published "The Case for Music in the Schools." In this article, they... Read More
By: Claire Loe
Feb 23, 2015
I recently attended a panel discussion, hosted by the Chicago Council on Science and Technology, about the... Read More