CNN Drops Science-Tech Unit and Veteran Reporter

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that CNN's seven-person science and technology reporting group, led by anchor Miles O'Brien, has been shut down. The move is reportedly editorial, not economic. A CNN spokesperson says that science and technology reporting will be now be moved into Anderson Cooper 360's "Planet in Peril" series.

Why CNN would chose to do this isn't exactly clear. Many of the most pressing issues affecting our country have deep science and technology roots: energy, health care, climate change, and even national security. In fact, a report released this week by a US government bipartisan commission noted that the US is likely to be targeted with a biological weapons attack in the next five years. With seven fewer reporters on the job, in-depth coverage of these important issues will be scant.

Perhaps the first story for "Planet in Peril" could be the growing media disinterest in covering science. The topic would be especially appropriate for a planet in peril.