By: Bobby Bobbitt
November 5, 2018
Max Shepherd is a PhD candidate in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the McCormick School of Engineering. His research focuses on the mechanical design and control of lower limb prosthetics... Read more
By: Jennifer DiStefano, Nathan Bradshaw
August 6, 2018
It’s virtually impossible to read this blog without the aid of plastics. Our phones, our computers, our printers, all use the material made popular by a 20th century revolution in manufacturing. And... Read more
By: Suzy Lee
June 1, 2018
You are in a self-driving car. It is careening down a narrow alleyway, sandwiched between a brick wall and a convenience store. A man exits the shop and pauses in front of the entrance to light a... Read more
By: Austin Lim
April 23, 2018
Contemporary painter and photographer Chuck Close has displayed artwork at famed galleries around the world. He has published several books of his paintings and was an acting member of the President... Read more
By: Danielle Fanslow
November 12, 2017
The key to youth and beauty may be found in one of the world’s ugliest critters, the naked mole rat. These pink, hairless, and quite unnerving-looking rodents can live nearly 30 years. By comparison... Read more
By: Austin Lim
November 5, 2017
In 1967, a surgeon in South Africa successfully carried out the first human heart transplant. Doctor Christiaan Barnard performed the operation on a 53-year-old man dying from chronic heart disease.... Read more
By: Han Teng Wong
September 23, 2017
As a molecular biology graduate student, I am often asked what I actually do at work. Badly explained, my daily job is to be a glorified liquid handler. I move tiny volumes of liquids from a large... Read more
By: Alex Berr
September 16, 2017
What do cows, landfills, and petroleum extraction all have in common? Each produces methane, one of the greenhouse gases trapping heat in our atmosphere and warming the planet. This gas is potent: it... Read more
By: Jennifer DiStefano
September 9, 2017
They are concealed at the tip of your pencil. They linger in the lubricant in your car. They have been hiding in plain sight your entire life. Two-dimensional materials – a newly discovered class of... Read more
By: Austin Lim
September 2, 2017
Tent, sleeping bags, raingear: check. Flashlight, S’mores, clean water: check. Sunscreen, toothpaste: check.  Finally loaded up for the last camping trip of the summer, you hit the road confidently,... Read more