My Brain, My Friend


For the past two weeks I have been vexed by an ad on the 151 CTA bus I take to work everyday. It features puzzle- a pie with eight pieces, each of which contain a number. Two of these numbers are missing, and it's the viewer's job to figure out what they're supposed to be.

The reason this ad bothered me so much is because the answer was not written upside down on the bottom of the poster, as one might hope. Instead, you have to go to Marbles the Brain Store and ask an associate (which makes sense, from a marketing perspective). So, this past Friday night, I was very excited to happen upon a Marbles in the new wing of Old Orchard Mall in Skokie.

The bad news: I was not at all correct. The good news? The store was packed! On a Friday night! The genius of Marbles is that many of their games and hands-on puzzles are open and available for use on tables throughout the store. It was full of families, teens and couples, learning while playing. Even I was able to redeem myself by pulling apart (and putting back together!) one of those puzzles made of two pieces of interlocked metal.

If your mind is in need of sharpening and you happen to be in the area, I highly recommend checking it out. And this isn't a shameless sales pitch- I'm in no way affiliated with the store. I just like to see people and their brains having fun together.



So what's the goddamn answer?!? ;)

I'm on the 50 right now and totally losing my mind. Mind you, this version only lacks one number, so maybe I'm on a slightly less clever route?

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