The Battle Between Insurance Companies and the Health of Women


Did you know that many women with health insurance are unable to have testing that could truly save their lives?
Many insurance companies require women to reach high-risk status for breast cancer in order to have a breast MRI screening covered by insurance.

Breast MRIs are a very important screening method for high-risk women because they are extremely sensitive, there is no radiation exposure like in mammography, and suspicious areas in dense breast tissue can more easily be observed.  Breast MRIs do have limitations, since there is a higher probability of false positive results than with mammography, and they are very expensive,  but for women whose cancer can only be detected through breast MRI, these tests are invaluable. 

Due to the strict guidelines in place by many insurance companies including Aetna, it is very possible that there are women who are unable to get breast MRI testing covered even if they may really be at high-risk.  Some women prefer not to get genetic testing for a gene mutation in their BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes due to cost or anxiety about the results.  Also, women may not meet their insurance company’s guidelines because they are unaware that that one or more of their relatives had breast cancer.

Women at risk for breast cancer deserve the right to have breast MRI screening!  Women must investigate their family history of breast cancer and educate themselves about genetic testing and other screening methods that could prove they do meet the high-risk status required for coverage.

- blog authored by Gina Piscitello



This seems like such a tragedy. Life-saving, preventative testing should not be looked at as a detriment to the bottom line. Publicly traded, for-profit insurance companies need to go. When you introduce profit into the equation, then corners start to get cut when the profits start to fall, and I think you found one of those corners right here. The maternal side of my family is high risk, and I truly hope their insurance covers it! Mike @Child Behavior Program Review

Being a Health Insurance broker for 2 years now. I would have to say our society is to dependent on a system that is seriously flawed. What many people fail to understand is Insurance companies "BY LAW HAVE TO MAKE MONEY". Being heavily dependent on such a system is not a good thing. People should take responsibility for their own health and not be dependent on a system that makes you sick, keeps you sick, and kills at a very alarming rate that is unprecedented. Insurance companies with crawfish out of a contract with a client if they cost them to much money. If you really want to know the truth about the "Big Insurance Hype" let me enlighten you my friends. I have not been to the doctor 1 time in 5+ years. Most people do not go to the doctor enough to justify a $500+ a month average bill "JUST IN CASE" something may happen. That is $6,000 a year. If you spent this money on your health rather than some unnecessary insurance program you rarely would ever go to the doctor other than for a emergency. This is why insurance companies love America. We have been sold into the mindset of buy, buy, buy, buy. Whatever main stream media says do we do like a programmed computer. Needless to say I do not practice insurance any more. Sorry so long just my 2 cent. Thanks for listening

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