Man, That's a Tiny House


I recently had a chance to tour Northwestern's Tiny House project - a student-run initiative designed to raise awareness about living sustainably and with minimal carbon footprint.

It is a *very* small house. At a modest 130 square feet, it's smaller than some ice fishing houses I've been in. But wow, did the students put some creative thought into their design. Power comes from solar panels on the roof. Water for drinking, washing, and showering comes from rain water, collected by the house's oversized awning/gutter system. The toilet composts waste, which can then be used as fertilizer for gardening.

There's a loft for sleeping (which actually adds ~50 additional square feet of living space).  A clever, accordion-style couch made of cardboard (recycled, of course) compresses to the width of several thick books. Tables fold flush with the wall. It's actually pretty comfy.

WGN recently did a feature on Tiny House. Click here to check it out. Congratulations to co-project managers Molly Baker, Randy Waymire, and the entire Tiny House team! Watch the Tiny House project website for future opportunities to tour this amazing structure.



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