If I Only Had a (Chocolate) Brain


Image courtesy of Inition

There are few things in the world I love more than chocolate. In fact, I’ve been known to eat it with my breakfast. If it’s the first thing I crave when I wake up, why wait until a socially acceptable time of day to indulge? And I’ve found that living in Chicago only feeds my addiction. For those who aren’t Windy City dwellers, the downtown area often boasts a distinct chocolate aroma, thanks to the Blommer Chocolate Company in River West. There is nothing better than a sunny summer Chicago day with a warm chocolate breeze. Yes, chocolate and I are inseparable.

So when I heard that a clever man named Andy Millns used 3D imaging technology to create a miniature chocolate replica of his brain (which he then proceeded to eat), I was more than intrigued. Morbid? A bit. Amusing? Yes. Perhaps I’ve just been watching too many episodes of The Walking Dead.

Millns is a founding member of Inition, a “pioneering creative 3D technology and production company” in the UK, and a man with a great sense of humor. Inition specializes in experiential 3D production, which involves augmented reality, crowd gaming, gestural interfaces and 3D printing. They make the world of the Matrix feel not too far off.

Millns' brain-making process involved nine steps and required access to an MRI machine, 3D printer and food-safe latex. Not quite akin to the baking adventures I’m used to. But it just goes to show where a little creativity and a penchant for cocoa can take you. To learn step-by-step how Millns created his candy masterpiece, watch this video



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