June 2009

By: Michael Kennedy, PhD
Jun 1, 2009

I recently stumbled across a HowStuffWorks podcast on the topic of... Read More

By: Malcolm MacIver, PhD
Jun 5, 2009

How should we help our children deal with horrible events they witness or are told about from... Read More

By: Danielle Kerkovich, PhD
Jun 10, 2009

Ever since graduate school, I’ve gravitated toward the nonprofit funding sector. There’s... Read More

By: Owen Priest, PhD
Jun 12, 2009

In 1987, my alma mater hosted a chemist from the University of Sussex named Sir Harold Kroto.  I... Read More

By: Beth Herbert
Jun 22, 2009

On last week's edition of NPR's Science Friday, they talked about a must-see... Read More

By: Michael Kennedy, PhD
Jun 25, 2009

Call me disappointed.  While recently watching an episode of... Read More

By: Owen Priest, PhD
Jun 29, 2009

Sometimes I get frustrated when I see public officials demonstrating their lack of scientific... Read More