January 2012

By: Cindy Danielson
Jan 2, 2012

There have been stranger things than curative potions made from animal blood. A substance found... Read More

By: Kristin Landry
Jan 9, 2012

A new battery prototype has emerged in Japan that turns waste material into electricity.  Sony’s... Read More

By: Andrew Scarpelli
Jan 12, 2012

So everything about what I’m going to tell you is awesome. So awesome, you're going to want to... Read More

By: Cindy Danielson
Jan 16, 2012

Ahh, the post-holiday season – time to take down the Christmas tree before it starts a fire, and... Read More

By: Annie Bruns
Jan 17, 2012

Our friend Horton said it first – Dr. Seuss himself would be impressed with the latest discovery... Read More

By: Michael Kennedy, PhD
Jan 30, 2012

The US House of Representatives' Education and the Workforce Committee, chaired by Rep John... Read More