Han Teng Wong

Visiting Scholar

Han Teng is a microbiology student at UC Berkeley, as well as a Visiting Predoctoral Scholar at Northwestern University. He is part of the Tullman-Ercek group, and studies the engineering of membrane proteins. In his free time, he volunteers as part of Science Club with Science in Society at Northwestern as well as the Discovery Squad at The Field Museum. Having grown in hot and humid Singapore, Han Teng is slowly but surely adapting to winter in Evanston. Not satisfied with just inundating his friends with science facts, he now seeks to share his opinions online by writing about research he enjoys reading.

Content by Han Teng Wong


As a molecular biology graduate student, I am often asked what I actually do at work. Badly explained, my daily job is to be a glorified liquid handler.


Standing in Stanley Field Hall at the Field Museum, volunteer Sarah Tulga holds out a bone to two girls with their mother.


I recently got into a debate with a colleague about whether or not I am a biologist.