Jessica Slater

Jessica Slater is a PhD candidate in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Northwestern. She works in the Auditory Neuroscience Lab, studying the effects of musical experience on the brain and connections between music and language.

Before graduate school she worked in media and technology, including several years in the newsrooms of the International Herald Tribune in Paris and the Rocky Mountain News in Denver. She is a lifelong musician and loves writing in many forms, from scientific papers to short stories to songs.

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Earlier this month, Lego unveiled their new female scientist minifigure set on YouTube, to be available in August 2014.


Einstein claimed that the greatest scientists are always artists as well; he himself played the violin, and claimed he often thought in music.


I have played music for as long as I can remember. Mostly I was taught to play by reading music and performing what was written, occasionally I would memorize a piece.


Nature recently reported that more than 120 scientific papers, published in conference proceeding