Jessica Wilson

Jessica M. Wilson is a PhD candidate in the neuroscience program at Northwestern University. She is currently working with Dr. CJ Heckman in the Department of Physical Therapy on motor output in Parkinson's disease - specifically how the loss of certain neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine in Parkinson's disease can interfere with our ability to move. 

Outside the lab, Jessica teaches communication workshops for scientists and is the co-founder of Northwestern University Brain Awareness Outreach, an award-winning science education group which aims to excite the public about the wonders and importance of brain research. And sometimes, under cover of night, she assumes her Youtube alter ego of Dr. Pinkglasses and answers neuroscience questions sent to her by the public. Jessica lives in Chicago with her parrot sidekick Pete and can be followed on twitter @cerebellicose.

Content by Jessica Wilson


Did you ever track your height growing up? Did you stand against a wall while your parents marked your height with a pencil, recording the date next to it?


One particular day, a 44-year old man started writing poetry for the first time. Although this man was distantly related to a famous poet, he himself had no prior interest in literature or the arts until relatively recently. In fact, he considered himself to be less intellectually accomplished than his siblings. And yet, since picking up a pen on that first day, this man would eventually write 10 poems in his first year.