Kavita Chandra

Graduate Student

Kavita Chandra is a fourth year PhD candidate at Northwestern University in Teri Odom's lab. Her research is on nanoparticle synthesis for cancer therapeutic applications.

Outside of research, Kavita has a passion for science outreach and policy, specifically promoting women in STEM fields. Currently, she is in DC for three months completing the Christine Mirzayan Science Policy Fellowship. She serves on the executive board of the Graduate Women Across Northwestern and participates in two year-long mentorship programs, at Niles High School and Science Club housed in the Boys and Girls Program in Uptown.

For fun, Kavita loves traveling around the world, especially trying new foods. Additionally, due to this fervent love for food, she is a runner and dancer!

Content by Kavita Chandra


My father’s voice faltered as my family sat around the kitchen table. He was young for such a diagnosis. No one expected prostate cancer.