Kimberly Anne Clinch

Kimberly is a 2017 graduate of Northwestern's Mathematics Department and Integrated Science Program. After graduating, she moved to Fes, Morocco to continue her studies of Arabic, which began at Northwestern. She finds it appropriate that after many years of working with the Arabic numerals she should learn the letters, too.

In her time at Northwestern, Kimberly engaged in a variety of course subjects and research projects, including a URG-funded project on the intersection of mathematics, physics, and philosophy. This experience and her undergraduate career, at large, made her question the foundation and consequences of subject delineations between the sciences and philosophy. Her experiences since graduating have continued to bring up this question but on an even broader scale, including "subjects" like economics, art, history, and religion.

Content by Kimberly Anne Clinch


You’re playing a game of pool. You line up your cue stick behind the cue ball. You practice your stroke…one…two…three… On the fourth stroke, you follow through and the cue stick makes contact.