Tom Schroeder

Tom Schroeder is a student in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences Class of 2012. He graduated from Park Tudor School in Indianapolis, IN in 2008. He is currently majoring in chemistry and English, and is considering a pre-med track. He also writes for the student online publication North by Northwestern in the entertainment section.

Content by Tom Schroeder


In 1918, an influenza pandemic swept the globe, killing more than 50 million people. At least 20% of the world’s population was infected, and entire villages in Alaska and Africa were wiped out. Without our modern understanding of viruses or experience with anything of this scale, the US Public Health Service could do little to prevent spread or treat those affected, leading to more than 600,000 American deaths.


SiS is proud to feature the work of Tom Schroeder, Science in Society's 2009 Fellow Assistant Research Award (FARA) recipient. This award, sponsored by Northwestern's Residence College system, provides funds for an undergraduate student to author content for the site in collaboration with the SiS editorial team. Schroeder is a first year student majoring in chemistry and English.