Evanston Township High School Student Artwork

The 2014 Scientific Images Contest launched with a day full of outreach at Evanston Township High School last month. More than 550 students from art and science classes visited the gallery during the school day to learn more about Northwestern University research and to chat with visiting scientists.

But, this year, the scientific images weren’t the only artwork on display. Photography by Dan Dubrow’s physics class was also featured, along with artistic interpretations of winning scientific images done by Pam Baumgartner’s AP Studio Art class. The student artwork was the result of an effort to make the contest more interactive, while encouraging dialogue about the winning images among visiting classes. 

The photos by Dubrow's students were also entries in the American Association of Physics Teachers annual High School Physics Photo Contest. “The Physics Photo Contest is a great way for my students to identify and explore connections between the topics we study in class and their real-life experiences,” Dubrow said. “I'm excited for students to have the opportunity to interact with Northwestern scientists and researchers.”

Pam Baumgartner’s class used the science images as the foundation, or ground, for their own artistic interpretations. Each student selected a winning image from 2013 or 2014, and painted or sketched on top of it. “There were a variety of approaches such as narrative development of imagery, abstract forms in a space, and instances where the artist pulled forth a continuation of the imagery they perceived within the given ground,” Baumgartner said.

In the coming year, the Bio-Art class at ETHS will create their own microscope images to use in an art project that explores identity.