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Nov 13, 2014
Philae landed gracefully on a comet. The intrepid robotic explorer launched from the European Space... Read More
Nov 6, 2014
Cook County voted the message loud and clear on Tuesday. Funding mental health services should be a... Read More
Sep 26, 2014
Scientific research often produces beautiful images. These pieces, judged by a panel of local... Read More
Jun 18, 2014
Most of us don't end up working the jobs we dreamed of as kids. There's just not that much room for... Read More
By: Elle Metz
May 15, 2014
Global warming is linked to rapid melting of the massive West Antarctic Ice Sheet, which could... Read More
May 12, 2014
New retinal implants may reactivate some sight for people blinded by retinitis pigmentosa, a... Read More
Mar 18, 2014
Illinois, the country’s largest home base for nuclear power, is in limbo between two potential... Read More
Mar 18, 2014
“Did you hear about the bovine ovaries?”A technician asks the question as he walks into the lab,... Read More
Jan 23, 2014
Roxanne Accola expresses excitement about majoring in physics at the University of Wisconsin. Her... Read More
Jan 16, 2014
Negatively charged microparticles potentially could reduce damage from heart attacks, a Chicago-... Read More