Ryan Foreman


"Proud of the Orange & Blue Spinning Quarter"

My picture is of a quarter spinning on top of a white sheet of paper which was on a flat table. When you spin a quarter you add a force to it the force you give, it is the torque which measures how hard something is rotated. The quarter can only go in a circle by the way it has centripetal force. The centripetal force is always facing towards the center so it keeps the quarter upright. Also the quarter has angular momentum. Angular momentum is a measure of the amount of rotation an object has, taking into account its mass, shape and speed. Angular momentum had a vector that is pointing upwards, this also keeps the coin in place and on its side. This is the same principle as spinning a basketball on your finger the force you apply to the ball it is the centripetal force that points inwards and has an angular momentum facing upwards as well.

Eventually the coin will start to lose energy from friction and wind resistance. After that it will start to wobble and then eventually fall and land flat on the table. But for those brief seconds the quarter was able to stay upright due to torque, centripetal force, and angular momentum. Also, another interesting thing is the shadows and lights on the quarter. To add light to the photo we turned on a lamp and pointed it at the quarter. The light gave off a very orange glow and because we are looking at the general area illuminated by the orange light, our eyes start to cancel out the orange color. The quarter’s shadow will have the orange light canceled from our eyes leaving behind a blue color.


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